S10 EAS2024 — Supernovae: now in 3D! @ the EAS2024

التواريخ : 01 جويلية 2024 » 02 جويلية 2024

المكان : PAdua

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الجهة المنظمة : EAS

المجال : الفيزياء; Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology
الفيزياء; علوم الهندسة;
الكلمات المفتاحية: Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Energy
تفاصيل :

Supernova explosions are a fascinating show of Nature. Over human timescales, they deliver huge amounts of energy and a wide variety of nuclear yields, thus contributing to the chemical enrichment of the Universe. In the last years, we have accumulated an enormous wealth of new observations, which come with significant progress in the theoretical modelling of these explosions. The increasing number of spatially resolved observations have opened the door to the three-dimensional nature of supernovae, and hence, an equally sophisticated theoretical and numerical modelling must account for the true dimensionality of these cataclysmic events. Understanding how a massive star explodes and how the explosion properties connect to the stellar progenitors opens new paths to probe stellar evolution theories. Disentangling from the properties of supernova remnants the explosion type and, even better, the properties of the exploding star is a road that pays off to transit. Understanding whether neutron stars, black holes or other more exotic objects are left as compact remnants witnessing the catastrophic end of massive stars has profound implications for the population of compact objects which are targets of the gravitational wave astronomy. Inferring the properties of the neutrinos emitted during the explosion is a must to interpret observations with the newest neutrino detectors.

In this symposium, we aim at connecting the latest observations of supernovae and supernova remnants (e.g., from Pan-STARRS, ASAS-SN, O4-cycle of the LVK collaboration, IceCube, Hyper-Kamiokande, ALMA, NuSTAR, etc.) with the forefront theoretical and numerical (3D) modelling of the explosion mechanism and, as well, to the late phases of stellar evolution.

Topics: Supernova

S10 EAS2024 — Supernovae: now in 3D! @ the EAS2024 to be held in PAdua, إيطاليا between 01 جويلية 2024 and 02 جويلية 2024. It is organised by EAS. It covers specific areas of الفيزياء such as Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology. Visit the website of the conference for more detailed information or contact the organizer for specific questions.
أضف الى المذكرة 2024-07-01 2024-07-02 Europe/London S10 EAS2024 — Supernovae: now in 3D! @ the EAS2024 https://www.sciencedz.net/ar/conference/108714-s10-eas2024-supernovae-now-in-3d-the-eas2024 PAdua - إيطاليا EAS

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