Fourteenth International Conference on Food Studies

التواريخ : 02 أكتوبر 2024 » 04 أكتوبر 2024

اخر أجل : 02 سبتمبر 2024

المكان : Portalegre

الجهة المنظمة : Common Ground Research Networks

المجال : علم الأحياء وعلوم الحياة; Agriculture, food
الرياضيات والإحصاء; علوم الهندسة; علم الأحياء وعلوم الحياة; الكيمياء; الإقتصاد; العلوم الاجتماعية والإنسانية; الصحة والطب;
Keywords: Analysis, Biotechnology, Energy, Engineering, Nanotechnology, Agriculture, Soil, Waste Management, Water, Chemistry, Trade, Economics, Marketing, Politics, Food Safety, Health, Nutrition, Public Health
تفاصيل :

Fourteenth International Conference on Food Studies, Politécnico de Portalegre, Portalegre, Portugal, October 02 - 04, 2024. Special Focus—Place Matters: The Valorization of Cultural, Gastronomic, and Territorial Heritage

Theme 1: Food Production and Sustainability

Exploring the environmental conditions of food production.

  • Principles and practices of sustainable agriculture
  • The green revolution
  • The new green revolution
  • Genetically modified foods
  • Organic foods
  • Natural disasters and the food supply
  • Food production and the water supply
  • Diversion of foods into biofuels
  • Implications of transitions with growing affluence from grains, legumes and pulses, to meat and dairy
  • Agricultural fossil fuel use and rising energy costs
  • Soil depletion, exhaustion, erosion and fertilizers; and remedies
  • Agricultural land availability and ‘peak food’
  • Farmland preservation
  • Urban agriculture
  • Agriculture and deforestation
  • Agricultural greenhouse gases and climate change; and remedies in agricultural carbon sequestration
  • Hydroponic and low-carbon agriculture
  • Farm originated and feedlot pollution
  • Animal welfare
  • Sustainability of wild fisheries and other wild food sources
  • The environmental impact of seafood farms
  • Waste management in food production and environmental sustainability
  • The global food market
  • Large scale and global agribusiness: efficiencies, offerings and deficiencies
  • Community food security
  • Sustainable food communities
  • The local food movement
  • Economics of farmers markets and community co-ops
  • Urban and rural food deserts
  • Supply chains: just-in-time distribution, transportation and warehousing
Theme 2: Food, Nutrition, and Health

Investigating the interrelationships of nutrition and human health.

  • Human nutritional and dietary needs
  • The chemistry of food, nutrition and human energy
  • Food contamination and food-borne illness
  • Food safety assurance, risk analysis and regulation
  • Growth hormones and antibiotics in food, and their effects on children
  • Food and chronic disease: obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes
  • Food poverty
  • The socially equitable diet
  • Food, nutrition and public health
  • Nutrition labeling
  • Processed and unprocessed foods: health implications
  • Safe fruit and vegetable processing in a global market
  • Genetically modified foods and food engineering
  • Foods and nanotechnology
  • Food flavors, the taste of food and preferences
  • Biotechnology and today’s food
  • Food and global health challenges
  • Consumer trends and nutritional behaviors
  • Nutrition and disease management and prevention
  • Food and the wellness industry
  • Eating disorders
  • Vitamin supplements and medical needs
  • Food marketing to children
  • Ethnic foods and community nutrition
Theme 3: Food Politics, Policies, and Cultures

Exploring claims, controversies, positions, interests and values connected with food.

  • Urbanization, population growth and the global food supply
  • The political economy of food
  • Food prices inflation and food scarcity
  • Food supply, transportation and storage
  • Free markets versus agricultural protectionism and subsidies
  • Farm law and public financing
  • The impacts of developed world trade barriers on the developing world
  • Hunger and poverty: public policy in food and nutrition
  • WHO policies on world nutrition
  • Global food ethics
  • Farmers’ organizations and movements
  • Farm worker rights
  • Fast food and slow food
  • Celebrity and media chefs
  • Consumer ‘taste’
  • Vegetarian, vegan and other dietary systems
  • ‘Ethnic’ and regional foods
  • Food taboos: kosher, halal etc.
  • The cultures of ‘the table’
  • Food sociability
  • Gendered home cooking patterns
  • School and community food gardens
  • The alternative food movement
  • Food advertising and food media
  • Food safety regulations and guidelines
  • Food self-sufficiency and ‘food sovereignty’
  • ‘Fair Trade’
  • Animal rights and welfare initiatives
  • Food sovereignty and free trade regimes
  • Malnutrition and international food programs

Fourteenth International Conference on Food Studies to be held in Portalegre, البرتغال between 02 أكتوبر 2024 and 04 أكتوبر 2024. It is organised by Common Ground Research Networks. It covers specific areas of علم الأحياء وعلوم الحياة such as Agriculture, food. Visit the website of the conference for more detailed information or contact the organizer for specific questions.
أضف الى المذكرة 2024-10-02 2024-10-04 Europe/London Fourteenth International Conference on Food Studies Portalegre - البرتغال Common Ground Research Networks

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