Dates : 11 June 2018 » 12 June 2018

Place : Singapore
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Organizer : Global Science and Technology Forum

Topic : Economics;

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The global outlook today is less encouraging. The developed countries are yet stuck with low growth, while the growth is picking up in emerging countries and the low income countries are struggling with low prices. Inequality, conflicts and migrations are the consequences. Also, there are challenges posed by demographic pressures, climate change and new technologies. There is need to use all policy tools, monetary , fiscal and structural, to maximize the synergies within countries. There is need to manage the economic transition wisely, so that greater prosperity for all can be achieved. It is very relevant to explore into these issues and find solutions.The Qualitative and Quantitative Economics Research Conference 2018 (QQE 2018), invites the policy engineers, academicians, business managers, researchers and the students to explore innovative ways of managing this economic transition through qualitative and quantitative research techniques. There is need to boost demand , push up productivity and accelerate trade levels. The key issue is also to find ways to have more viable ways for investment in social safety nets, education and training for new technologies, so that there is sustainable growth and prosperity for all.The QQE 2018 invites papers on the theme "Inclusive Global Economy: Values and Valuation." The papers may include the following topics though not limited to them.

  • Structure of Corporate Compensations
  • Tackling Corruption in Public Sector
  • Skill Development Policies
  • Promotion of Technological Innovations
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Digital Finance
  • Economic Participation by Women
  • Human Capital Development
  • Smart Education Policies
  • Innovative Market Access
  • Development of Climate Friendly Infrastructure
  • International Cooperation
  • Building Stronger Global Financial Safety Nets
  • Migration Policies
  • Insurance Sector Reforms
  • Exchange Rate Volatility Management
  • Corporate Debt Restructuring
  • Global Interest Rates
  • Effectiveness of Macro Prudential Instruments
  • Public Investment Policies and Effectiveness

Add to calendar 2018-06-11 2018-06-12 Europe/London 8th Annual International Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Economics Research – QQE 2018 Singapore - Singapore Global Science and Technology Forum

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