Dates : 21 April 2019 » 23 April 2019

Place : Yerevan

Organizer : Armenian State Pedagogical University

Topic : Social Sciences and Humanities; “Psychological problems: characteristics, сlassification and diagnosis principles”.

Description :
Honourable Colleagues,   We invite you to take part in the activities of the international conference “Psychological problems: characteristics, сlassification and diagnosis principles”. This Conference might be singled out due to the fact that it is meant to tackle the scope of both utterly significant and specific issues in Applied Psychology, more precisely, referring to the essence of psychological issues, the characteristics and peculiarities of their solution, classification and diagnosis principles of the latter through some shared conceptions and vision – still to be developed, as well as, to commence a coordinating academic council aimed at developing a system of classification of psychological problems. We are sincerely hopeful that our joint efforts are likely to result in the solution of the above-mentioned tasks.The underlying ideas and concepts that have been selected for this conference have already received the obviously positive evaluation and appraisal of a number of renowned experts of the sphere who have honoured us with their confirmations to participate in the conference activities through lectures, seminars, workshops, and master classes.The conference programme comprises, alongside the respective scholarly agenda, a series of cultural events – museum, sightseeing visits and some landmark tours. It is worth mentioning that the time for the conference has also been chosen on purpose embracing April 24, which, in fact, is the next day after the official closing ceremony, and is marked on the Armenian calendar as the Memory Day to honour the victims of Armenian Genocide of 1915 which is among the key dates that Yerevan hosts individuals, delegations, scholars, social activities and visitors from all over the world who come to commemorate, pay tribute to and speak out on the paradigm of issues on the Armenian Genocide and genocides that have victimised other nations.We look forward to welcoming you to our 2800-year-old capital city – Yerevan!   With best regards, Organization Committee

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