Dates : 23 June 2019 » 28 June 2019

Place : Steamboat Springs
United States
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This FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) is the only meeting of its kind specifically dedicated to the field of photoreceptor and RPE biology. The scientific program reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of this field, with presentations ranging from classical biochemistry to modern imaging approaches and molecular therapeutics. Specific session topics will range from photoreceptor physiology and RPE cell biology to the immune response to photoreceptor degeneration. The scientific program will include a keynote address, invited talks, and numerous short talks and DataBlitz presentations selected from submitted abstracts.

The meeting schedule and venue are designed to present the most exciting scientific advances in an atmosphere that encourages informal interactions and collaborations. Specific events will be organized to foster interactions among trainees and senior investigators. All attendees will have the opportunity to present a poster, and additional recreational activities will be available to all participants to foster the exchange of ideas and formulate new collaborations. Funds will likely be available to support early career researcher attendance.

This conference is for scientists from academia and industry who study the biology of photoreceptor or RPE cells.

Major themes of the meeting are: 1) Examine specializations of photoreceptor and RPE cell biology and metabolism that provide adaptations to meet the demands of photoreception; 2) Explore photoreceptor development and reprogramming approaches to regenerate photoreceptor cells; 3) Live imaging of photoreceptor and RPE cells in models to investigate physiology and cell biology, and in the retinas of patients to understand processes of disease.

Conference sessions will present the latest research findings and foster engaging discussion on:

Retinal stem cells, development and reprogramming

Synaptic processing and development

High vision acuity and phototransduction

Photoreceptor-RPE cell interactions

Photoreceptor and RPE imaging

Organelle function

Photoreceptor and RPE intracellular trafficking

Topics: photoreceptor, RPE biology, RPE, physiology, stem cells, Organelle function, phototransduction

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