Dates : 10 November 2019 » 15 November 2019

Place : Onnason, Okinawa
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Topic : Physics; 0

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APWS2019 focuses on the science and technology of widegap semiconductors, including III-nitrides, silicon carbide, oxides, diamond and so forth. Research has led to developments in optical and electronic devices, including those for environmental and energy applications.

Topics: Bulk growth, epitaxial growth, doping and point defects, growth methods, and related technology, Optical and electrical properties, structural analysis, and theory and simulation, Visible, UV, and white LEDs, micro LEDs, laser diodes, solar cells, detectors, and related optical devices, Transistors, diodes, high-power and high-frequency devices, device processing, contacts, and reliability

Add to calendar 2019-11-10 2019-11-15 Europe/London APWS2019 — Widegap Semiconductors : 9th Asia-Pacific Workshop Onnason, Okinawa - Japan

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