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6th Microwave & RF Show

FSE 2019 — Fast Software Encryption

Paris, France
Mathematics and Statistics; Applied Maths: Cryptography, Blockchain and Information Security

IBF/19 — ITER Business Forum

Antibes, France
Physics; Plasma and Gas-discharge Physics, Nuclear Fusion

Integrin Targeted Drug Discovery

Grenoble, France
Biology and life sciences; Molecular Biology

WCC 2019: the eleventh international workshop on coding and cryptography

Rennes, France
Mathematics and Statistics; Applied Maths: Cryptography, Blockchain and Information Security

IMRP 19 — 19th International Meeting on Radiation Processing

Strasbourg, France
Engineering and Technology; Radiation Processing, Study of Radiation Effects

International Conference on Gynecology & Obstetrics

Paris, France, France
Submission deadline : 17 October 2018
Health and Medicine; Medicine and Medical Science

Symplectic Representation Theory

Marseille, France
Mathematics and Statistics; Algebra

Analytic Aspects of Automorphic Forms

SOFIC2019 — 3rd Sustainable Oils & Fats International Congress

Paris, France
Biology and life sciences; Agronomy, Food Production and Food Chemistry

CICLing 2019 — 20th International Conference on Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing

La Rochelle, France
Computer science; Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics

Particles and Cosmology: the 16th Baksan School on Astroparticle Physics

Paris, France
Physics; Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology

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