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ICEQ 2019 2nd International Conference on Education Quality

Agadir, Morocco
Submission deadline : 15 December 2018
Education; Lifelong Learning

38th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development

Rabat, Morocco
Submission deadline : 20 January 2019
Economics; Management

Mathematical Modeling with Applications (M2A19)

Rabat Morocco, Morocco
Submission deadline : 07 January 2019
Mathematics and Statistics; Applied mathematics, Numerical Linear Algebra, Applied Statistics

International Conference on Social Science, Arts, Business and Education

marrakesh, Morocco
Submission deadline : 10 April 2019
Social Sciences and Humanities; Sociology

15th International Conference on Knowledge, Economy & Management

Rabat, Morocco
Submission deadline : 01 March 2019
Economics; E-commerce

3rd International Conference C2SI-2019 on Codes, Cryptology and Information Security, in honor of Pr. Said El Hajji

Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco
Submission deadline : 30 November 2018
Computer science; Codes, Cryptology and Information Security

3rd International Congress Algebra, Number Theory and Applications

Faculté des Sciences, Oujda, Morocco
Submission deadline : 10 February 2019
Mathematics and Statistics; Algebra (commutative, non-commutative, non-associative), Homology and cohomology, Group theory, Iwasawa theory, Class field theory, Capitulation theory, L functions, Dynamics and analytic number theory, Diophantine equations and their applications, Algebraic curves, Modular forms, p-adic representations, Algorithmic number theory, Applications of algebra and number theory (cryptography, codes)

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