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Popular locations in this country : Bucharest 6 Cluj-Napoca 1 Târgoviste, Bucharest 1 Bucharest, Romania 1 Oradea 1 Bucharest University of Economic Studies 1 Resita 1 Constanta 1 Sinaia 1 Oradea, Felix SPA 1

International Symposium “The environment and The Industry”

Bucharest, Romania
Biology and life sciences; Waste Management

Digital Agora - ARGUMENTOR Conference

Oradea, Romania
Submission deadline : 01 February 2018
Social Sciences and Humanities; Sociology

26th ENCATC Congress: Beyond EYCH2018. What is the cultural horizon?

Bucharest, Romania
Submission deadline : 25 May 2018
Education; Teaching and Learning

3rd Emerging Trends in Marketing and Management International Conference (ETIMM2018)

Bucharest, Romania
Submission deadline : 31 May 2018
Economics; Marketing

ICSTCC 2018 : 22nd International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing

Sinaia, Romania
Submission deadline : 04 May 2018
Computer science; Computer software and applications

Strategica International Conference 6th Edition

Bucharest, Romania, Romania
Submission deadline : 20 March 2018
Economics; Economics

The 7th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Systems (ICAMS 2018)

Bucharest, Romania
Submission deadline : 06 April 2018
Engineering and Technology; Nanotechnology and Smart Materials

International Conference on Academic and Applied Sciences

Targoviste, Romania
Submission deadline : 28 September 2018
Biology and life sciences; Agriculture

International Congress on Social Sciences IV (INCSOS 2018)

Târgoviste, Bucharest, Romania
Submission deadline : 28 September 2018
Economics; Economics

International Conference on Virtual Learning - ICVL 2018

Alba Iulia, Romania
Submission deadline : 10 September 2018
Education; Teaching and Learning

12th INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE: Management Perspectives in the Digital Era (IMC2018)

Bucharest, Romania
Submission deadline : 30 June 2018
Economics; Business Ethics

4th ComSymbol "Believe in Technology: Mediatization of the Future and the Future of Mediatization"

Arad, Romania
Submission deadline : 06 April 2018
Social Sciences and Humanities; Religious studies

ICBE 2018: Turbulent Times: Economic and Political Directions

Constanta, Romania
Submission deadline : 21 May 2018
Economics; Management

5th International Conference on Business Administration and Economics ICBAER

Resita, Romania
Submission deadline : 05 October 2018
Economics; Human Resources

8th edition of the International Conference "Perspectives of Business Law in the Third Millennium"

Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania
Submission deadline : 10 November 2018
Social Sciences and Humanities; business law, private law, public law, European Union law, international law

The 6th Mining Intelligence and Knowledge Exploration 2018

Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Submission deadline : 07 September 2018
Computer science; Data Mining

WoS inxexed icSEP International Conference on Sport, Education & Psychology

Bucharest, Romania
Education; Teaching and Learning

Annual Session Of Scientific Papers IMT ORADEA 2019

Oradea, Felix SPA, Romania
Submission deadline : 18 February 2019
Engineering and Technology; Engineering

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