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2nd International Conference Europe Middle East & North Africa Information Systems and Technologies to support Learning (EMENA-ISTL) 2018

To be held Private University of Fez from 25 to 27, Morocco
Submission deadline : 30 June 2018
Computer science; A) Information systems Technologies to support Education; B) Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; C) Emerging Technologies in Education Learning innovation in digital age D) Software Systems, Architectures, Applications and Tools; E) Multimedia Systems and Applications; F) Computer Communications and Networks; G) IOT, Smart Cities and People, Wireless, Sensor and Ad-Hoc Networks; H) Organizational Models and Information Systems and Technologies; ; I) Human-Computer Interaction; J) Computers & Security, Ethics and Data-forensic; K) Health Informatics, and Medical Informatics Security; L) Information and Knowledge Management; M) Big Data Analytics and Applications, Intelligent Data Systems, and Machine Learning; N) Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing, O) Mobile, Embedded and Ubiquitous Systems; P) Language and Image Processing,, Computer Graphics and vision; Q) Interdisciplinary Field of Fuzzy Logic and Data Mining;

Financial Revolution – Sentiment Analysis, AI and Machine Learning

Zurich, Switzerland
Submission deadline : 31 August 2018
Computer science; Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning in Quant Finance

London, United Kingdom
Computer science; Information Technology

International Conference on Recent Advances in Intelligent and Connected Mobility – RAICoM’2018

Coimbra, Portugal
Submission deadline : 10 August 2018
Engineering and Technology; Emergent Vehicle Technologies, Intelligent Transport Systems, Wireless Sensor Communications, Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Digital Transformation

2018 International Conference on Big Data and Machine Learning (BDML 2018)

Nagoya, Japan
Submission deadline : 05 July 2018
Social Sciences and Humanities; Information science

2018 International Conference on Big Data and Machine Learning (BDML 2018)

Nagoya Institute of Technology,Gokiso-cho, Showa-k, Japan
Submission deadline : 15 August 2018
Computer science; Machine Learning

ITU Kaleidoscope 2018 - Machine learning for a 5G future

Santa Fe, Argentina
Submission deadline : 04 June 2018
Computer science; Data Mining

International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Engineering (iCMLDE2018)

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Submission deadline : 29 July 2018
Computer science; Computing

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