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Music and... Death

Vienna, Austria
Submission deadline : 04-08-2017
Social Sciences and Humanities; Psychology

5th International Conference on New Music Concepts (ICNMC 2018)

Hotel Titian Inn - Via Callalta, 87 - 31057 Silea , Italy
Submission deadline : 07-01-2018
Computer science; Acoustics, Artificial Intelligence in Music, Automatic Music Composition, Computational Acoustics, Computers in Music Composition, Controllers and interfaces for musical expression, e-Learning and Music, Ethnomusicology, Film and Music, Interactive game music, Machine learning in musical performance, Mathematical Analysis of Musical Instruments, Mathematical Models in Music, Mathematical Models in Acoustics, Motion gesture and music, Multimedia, Music Cognition, Music Education and Music in Education, Music History, Music Perception, Music and Psychology, Music Theory, Musical human-computer interaction, Noise Control Engineering, Pattern Recognition in Music, Psychoacoustics, Robotic music, Signal Processing, Sonic interaction design, Other relevant topics and applications

Music and gender in Balance

Tromsø, Norway
Submission deadline : 30-09-2017
Education; Teaching and Learning

Conmusterm - Terminology research in musicology and the humanities

Zagreb, Croatia
Submission deadline : 15-12-2017
Social Sciences and Humanities; Music

International Journal of Music Science, Technology and Art

Music Academy "Studio Musica", Italy
Submission deadline : 05-11-2017
Computer science; Music, Computer Science, Artificail Intelligence

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