Dates : 08 February 2020 » 09 February 2019

Place : Lucca (Barga)
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Topic : Chemistry; 0

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INDC is an international forum to encourage scientific interchange for nutritionists, clinicians, chemists, medical doctors and biochemists interested in nutrition, food diseases, food components and health trends. The conference represents a traditional meeting point for people who are interested in understanding how food influences our health, working performance, feelings and aging. INDC is continuously growing and it is reflected by the participation of 40 nationalities and scientific contributions from a variety of application areas.

Topics: PROBIOTICS, PREBIOTICS, NUTRACEUTICALS AND BOTANICALS FOR HUMAN HEALTH Probiotics and Prebiotics, Microbiota, Polyphenols, Bioactive Compounds, Prediction of Bioavailability, Chronic Diseases, Celiac Disease, Gluten- Free Diet, Nutrition and Cancer ANALYTICAL METHODS IN NUTRITION AND DIAGNOSTICS Analytical Methods for Human Health Protection, Separation Science in Clinical Diagnosis and Nutrition, LC/MS, Mass Spectrometry as a Tool in Metabolism Studies, Applications of Electrochemistry Coupled to MS, Biomarkers in Aging and Disease, Nanomaterials, Sensors, Newborn Screening, Automatization in Sample Preparation, Forensic Doping and Toxicology, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Environmental Analysis YOUNG SCIENTIFIC SECTION POSTER SESSION WITH THE BEST POSTER AWARD

Topics: Molecular Medicine | Immunology

Topics: Proteins & Biochemistry | Systems Biology

Topics: Molecular Medicine | Systems Biology

Topics: Proteins & Biochemistry | Membranes & Transport

Topics: Proteins & Biochemistry | Systems Biology

Add to calendar 2020-02-08 2019-02-09 Europe/London Gordon Research Seminar — Angiotensin Lucca (Barga) - Italy

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