Dates : 17 April 2020 » 17 April 2020

Place : istanbul
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Topic : Education; education, social sciences

Description :

This is hereby to proclaim that on 80th anniversary of KÖY institutes and honoring 60th

anniversary of Kultur college foundation, Istanbul Kultur University in collaboration with

Rating Academy is holding an open sesame platform affording the academicians, artists,

philosophers, researchers, and teachers the opportunity to pull together on helping figure out

the lived entanglements in education in a bid to craft a cutting-edge model in education.

In the course of the conference, a variety of exhibitions, art events and gallery activities will

be carried out.

The conference gives room to interdisciplinary works relevant to the conference aim.


All academicians, researchers, artists, teachers, NGOs and students are kindly invited to

enrich the conference by delivering their presentations.

The language of presentation is English and Turkish.

After having being approved by the referees, all presentations, prepared in accordance with

the published criteria, are reviewed by at least two reviewing members of scientific

institutions and independent referees.

Full texts for the presentations are published in the conference book. Apart from that, all the

presentations are published in the congress journals after having been reviewed by the


On behalf of our organizing committee, we are honored to invite you to Istanbul Kultur

University facilities.

Add to calendar 2020-04-17 2020-04-17 Europe/London International Conference: New Pursuits in Education in the Light of Village Institutes istanbul - Turkey RATING ACADEMY LTD.

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