Dates : 17 July 2020 » 19 July 2020

Place : Kunming Jin Jiang Hotel
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Topic : Chemistry; Polymer Chemistry

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The 4th International Conference on Polymer Chemistry (ICPC 2020)

Conference Date: July 17-19, 2020Conference Venue: Kunming, China

The 4th International Conference on Polymer Chemistry (ICPC 2020) will be held from July 17-19, 2020 in Kunming, China. This Conference will cover issues on Polymer Chemistry. ICPC 2020 is sponsored by Engineering Information Institute, Open Access Library, Scientific Research Publishing, and 1000thinktank. It dedicates to creating a stage for exchanging the latest research results and sharing the advanced research methods.

If you wish to serve the conference as an invited speaker, please send email to us with your CV. We'll contact with you asap.

Publication and Presentation

Publication: Open Access Journal,please contact us for detailed informationIndex: CNKI and Google ScholarNote: If you want to present your research results but do NOT wish to publish a paper, you may simply submit an Abstract to our Registration System.


Attendance Methods

1.Submit full paper (Regular Attendance+Paper Publication+Presentation)You are welcome to submit full paper, all the accepted papers will be published by Open access journal.2. Submit abstract (Regular Attendance+Abstract+Presentation)3. Regular Attendance (No Submission Required) 

Conference Topics

Theory, Calculation and Modeling of PolymersPolymer Physical Chemistry CompoundsSynthesis and Properties of Macromolecules/PolymersPolymerization Kinetics and MechanismsCrystallization and Self-AssemblyDynamics of Polymer MeltsStructure and Characterization of PolymersInterfacial, Surface and Nano-Confinement EffectsChemical Modifications of Natural and Synthetic PolymersMacromolecular Architecture and SupramacromoleculesPolymer Solutions, Gels and Complex FluidsBiomacromolecules / Biocolloids / BiopolymersBio-Related and Medical PolymersMagnetic and Ferroelectric PolymersElectroactive Polymers and Polymeric ActuatorsPhysics and Applications of Block CopolymersOptically Active PolymersPolymer Matrix CompositesPolymeric Nanomaterials and Nanostructured PolymersShape Memory PolymersFunctional and Advanced PolymersComplex/Multi-Phase/Multi-Component Polymer SystemsIonomers / Polyelectrolytes / HydrogelsPolymer ElectrochemistryPolymer ElectronicsApplication of PolymersOther related issues

Add to calendar 2020-07-17 2020-07-19 Europe/London The 4th International Conference on Polymer Chemistry (ICPC 2020) Kunming Jin Jiang Hotel - China

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