High Dimensional Probability

Dates : 11 June 2023 » 16 June 2022

Place : Będlewo

Organizer : Banach Center

Topic : Mathematics and Statistics; Probability and Statistics, Game Theory
Mathematics and Statistics; Physics; Computer science;
Keywords: Calculus, Game Theory, Geometry, Machine Learning, Mathematics, Probability, Statistics, Physics, Statistical Physics
Description :

Topics: Particular areas of focus and interest for the meeting include: - Application of generic chaining techniques to study the regularity of stochastic processes and lower and upper bounds on norms of random vectors and matrices - Relation between various isoperimetric and concentration inequalities as well as their applications to convex geometry, statistics and computer science - Applications of modern empirical process and strong approximation methods to problems of machine learning and inference in high- and infinite-dimensional statistical models - Interactions between information-theoretic inequalities, convex geometry and high-dimensional probability - Stein’s method and its use in high-dimensional probability - Nonasymptotic random matrix theory - Interactions between high dimensional probability and statistical physics - Super-concentration phenomena in high dimension: new tools, examples and open problems - Application of Itô calculus to convex geometry - Identification of major problems and areas of potentially high impact for applications and use in other areas of mathematics, statistics, and computer science

Banach Center organises its event entitled High Dimensional Probability to be held from 11 June 2023 to 16 June 2022 in Będlewo, Poland. It covers various areas of Mathematics and Statistics including Probability and Statistics, Game Theory. For more information, visit the website of the conference or contact the organizer.
Add to calendar 2023-06-11 2022-06-16 Europe/London High Dimensional Probability https://www.sciencedz.net/en/conference/92413-high-dimensional-probability Będlewo - Poland Banach Center

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