FPH 2023 — 3rd World Conference on Forests for Public Health

Dates : 04 October 2023 » 07 October 2023

Place : Sherbrooke

Organizer : ARTION Conferences & Events

Topic : Health and Medicine; Epidemiology & Public Health
Health and Medicine;
Keywords: Health, Public Health
Description :

Half of the world population does not have access to proper medical care. The recent pandemic has put significant pressure on the delivery of healthcare in virtually all other countries. Furthermore, modern lifestyle exemplified by sedentary lives, urban living and work practices, low physical activity, stress, noise, heat stress, and air pollution is behind the growing prevalence of cardiovascular disease, stress, depression, psychological diseases, and immune disruption among others. This contributes not only to Public Health problems but also to increased health care expenditures.

An accumulating multidisciplinary, global body of evidence has documented the strong potential of natural environments including trees, forests, urban and peri-urban forests, parks, gardens and other green spaces to promote and enhance mental and physical health, and the well-being of populations.

We must continue to study the multidimensional interactions and relationships between forests and green spaces on one side and human health on the other through an interdisciplinary scientific approach. As an integral part of such efforts, the multidisciplinary World Conference on Forests for Public Health is organized biannually to encourage and promote globally, the sharing of knowledge on the latest research trends.

The 3rd World Conference on Forests for Public Health, 4-7 October 2023, in Sherbrooke, Canada, will continue our efforts to find a sustainable direction for the multidisciplinary field of forest, green spaces, and human health. We will emphasize the global message of this Conference: forests, city forests, parks and other green spaces should be incorporated into International Organizations policies and goals, and into National Public Health systems, policies, and practices for a Healthy and Sustainable society.

We warmly thank the organizers of this important conference for their support and guidance.

We have the privilege to invite scientists from all over the world to participate and attend the Conference, to present their research results and share their knowledge in this new multidisciplinary area. Interested citizens and colleagues are also welcome.

Topics: Forests, health, conference, public health

ARTION Conferences & Events organises its event entitled FPH 2023 — 3rd World Conference on Forests for Public Health to be held from 04 October 2023 to 07 October 2023 in Sherbrooke, Canada. It covers various areas of Health and Medicine including Epidemiology & Public Health. For more information, visit the website of the conference or contact the organizer.
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