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IEEE--2022 2nd International Conference on Computers and Automation (CompAuto 2022)

Paris, France
Submission deadline : 01 April 2022
Computer science; Computing

2022 International Conference on Control, Robotics Engineering and Technology (CRET 2022)

Paris, France
Submission deadline : 01 April 2022
Computer science; Artificial Intelligence

03rd International Conference on Women's Right

Paris, France
Submission deadline : 08 June 2022
Economics; Business

5th World Conference on Research in Education

Paris, France
Economics; Human Resources

05th International Conference on Business Management & Law - ICBML 2022

Paris, France
Submission deadline : 28 June 2022
Economics; Economics

ICICIS 2022 — 4th International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Information Systems

Paris, France
Computer science; Multidisciplinary or General Events in Informatics

05th International Conference on Colour, Culture and Modern Art (ICCCMA - 2022)

Paris, France
Submission deadline : 30 June 2022
Chemistry; Chemistry

4th International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Information Systems (ICICIS 2022)

Paris, France
Computer science; Computer software and applications

07th International Conference on Election and Democracy

Paris, France
Submission deadline : 25 June 2022
Unclassified; Military

GMINFRA2022 — Global Meet on Infrastructure and Construction

Paris, France
Engineering and Technology; Civil Engineering and Construction

Global Meet on Power and Energy Engineering

Paris, France
Submission deadline : 22 July 2022
Engineering and Technology; Renewable Energy

AiML 2022 — Advances in Modal Logic

Rennes, France
Mathematics and Statistics; Mathematical Logic

2nd International conference on Neurology & Brain Disorders

Paris, France
Submission deadline : 15 August 2022
Health and Medicine; Neurology

07th International Conference on Apparel Textiles and Fashion Design

Paris, France
Submission deadline : 17 June 2022
Economics; Business

12th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities

Paris, France
Submission deadline : 13 June 2022
Biology and life sciences; Waste Management

ECM 2022 — 33rd European Crystallographic Meeting

Versailles, France
Physics; Applied Physics: X-rays, Synchrotron Radiation and Crystallography



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