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Popular locations in this country : Oaxaca 16 Cancun 5 Riviera Maya 3 Qro 1 Guanajuato 1 Huatulco , Oaxaca 1 Cabo San Lucas 1 Cabo San Lucas 1

IEEE-SUM 2022 — 2022 IEEE Photonics Society Summer Topicals Meeting Series

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Engineering and Technology; Photonics, Optoelectronics and Display Devices

Expo Acero

Qro, Mexico
Engineering and Technology; 0

CMO/Banff Workshop — Theory and Computational Methods for SPDEs

Oaxaca, Mexico
Mathematics and Statistics; Calculus, Differential Equations and Integration

CMO/Banff Workshop — Bases for Cluster Algebras

Oaxaca, Mexico
Mathematics and Statistics; Algebra

CMO/Banff Workshop — Multiscale Modeling of Plant Growth, Pattern Formation and Actuation

Oaxaca, Mexico
Biology and life sciences; Systems Biology and Computational Biology

LATIN 2022 — 15th Latin American Theoretical Informatics Symposium

Guanajuato, Mexico
Computer science; Information Theory, Foundations of Computer Science

2022 Pacific Symposium on Pulsed Power and Applications

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Physics; 0

CMO/Banff Workshop — Mathematics and Statistics of Genomic Epidemiology

Oaxaca, Mexico
Biology and life sciences; Genomics and Bioinformatics

CMO/Banff Workshop — Learning in Networks: Performance Limits and Algorithms

Oaxaca, Mexico
Mathematics and Statistics; Applied Maths: Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning



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