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Probabilistic Methods in Geometry and Analysis

Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Mathematics and Statistics; 0

Unified Analysis Workshop (UAW) 2022

Thessaloniki, Greece
Biology and life sciences; Geophysics and Geology

RNA-Seq Data Analysis Workshop

Leipzig, Germany
Biology and life sciences; Genomics and Bioinformatics

SC '22 — The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

Dallas , TX, United States
Computer science; High Performance Computing, Supercomputing

EAI PFSM 2022 - 2nd EAI International Conference on Privacy and Forensics in Smart Mobility

Braga, Portugal, Portugal
Submission deadline : 13 September 2022
Computer science; Privacy-aware or Privacy-preserving computing; Information Security, Secure Intelligent transport and mobility systems; Privacy and Security in cloud/edge/fog computing; Digital Forensics for Smart Cities; Smart Vehicle Forensics; IoT forensics; Mobile Systems Security and Forensics; Cybercrime and Frauds; Cyber Incident Response and Recovery; AI-based security and privacy; Access Control; Identity management; Security of Communication Protocols; Security and privacy for (Industrial) Internet of Things; Embedded Systems Security; Software and Application Security; Malware and Unwanted Software; Side Channel Attacks; Threat scenarios, Attack Models and Security Analysis; Usable Security and Privacy; Trust Management and Reputation; Security and Privacy Metrics and Policies; Security operations and incident management; Intrusion detection and prevention; Digital watermarking; Digital rights management; Cyber threat intelligence; Privacy-Enhancing Technologies and Mechanisms; Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies; Biometrics Security and Privacy.

Mathematical analysis of viscous incompressible fluid

Kyoto University, Japan
Mathematics and Statistics; 0

Special session on Arabic Natural Language Processing at ISIA 2022

Université de M'sila, Algeria
Submission deadline : 10 September 2022
Computer science; Arabic sentiment analysis, Arabic Hate Speech recognition, Arabic sarcasm and humor detection, Arabic fake news detection, Arabic text summarization, Arabic Information Retrieval, Arabic textual similarity, Arabic Question-answering systems, Arabic Machine Translation, Arabic Ontology Learning

2022 2nd International Conference on Computational Modeling, Simulation and Data Analysis (CMSDA 2022)

Zhuhai, China
Submission deadline : 28 November 2022
Computer science; Data Mining



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