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Euroanalysis XX

Istanbul, Turkey
Chemistry; 0

Introductory Workshop: Microlocal Analysis

Berkeley, California, United States
Mathematics and Statistics; 0

18th international Conference Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns

Salerno, Italy
Mathematics and Statistics; Applied Maths: Pattern Recognition and Image Processing, Machine Vision

ICIAP 2019 — 20th International Conference on IMAGE ANALYSIS AND PROCESSING

Trento, Italy
Computer science; Soft Computing, Evolutionary Computation, Metaheuristic Optimization, Fuzzy Logic

IGA 2019 — International Conference on Isogeometric Analysis

Munich, Germany
Mathematics and Statistics; Applied Maths: Numerical Analysis, Algebra and Computational Mathematics

Annual ISMA course — Modal Analysis, Theory and Practice

Leuven , Belgium
Physics; 0

International Conference on Recent Trends in Big Data Management, Data Analysis, Computing and Engineering Applications

Barcelona, Spain
Submission deadline : 10 September 2019
Economics; Management

ICDAR — International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition

Sydney, Australia
Computer science; Information & Knowledge Management, Big Data Computing

ADASS XXIX — The Annual Conference on Astronomical Data Analysis and Software Systems

, Afghanistan
Physics; Atomic and Molecular Physics

EMBL Course: Whole Transcriptome Data Analysis

ADASS XXIX — The Annual Conference on Astronomical Data Analysis and Software Systems

Danang City, Vietnam
Physics; Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology

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