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ANIMH 3rd International Conference on Information Technology & Computer and Software Engineering

Seoul, Republic of Korea
Submission deadline : 02 February 2020
Unclassified; Military

IRNEST Int. Conference on Polymers and Plastics, Artificial Intelligence. Robotics, Smart Materials, Engineering & IT

Shanghai, China
Submission deadline : 05 February 2020
Unclassified; Military

International Conference on Communication, Network, Automation Engineering & Applied Sciences

Malé, Maldives
Submission deadline : 17 February 2020
Unclassified; Military

Defence Logistics Central and Eastern Europe

Budapest, Hungary
Unclassified; Military

3rd International Conference on System Engineering, Design, and Information Technology

Istanbul, Turkey
Submission deadline : 27 February 2020
Unclassified; Military

3rd Middle East International Conference on Contemporary Scientific Studies

Beirut, Lebanon
Submission deadline : 05 March 2020
Unclassified; Military

Defence Aviation Safety Conference 2020

London, United Kingdom
Unclassified; Military

TERRORISM STUDIES '20 / IV. International Conference on Terrorism and Political Violence

?stanbul, Turkey
Submission deadline : 31 January 2020
Unclassified; Military

Violence: 2nd Global Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference

Bratislava, Slovakia
Submission deadline : 10 January 2020
Unclassified; Military

MCWE 2020: The Second International Conference on Military Culture and War Experience

Military Technical Academy Ferdinand I , Romania
Submission deadline : 30 April 2020
Social Sciences and Humanities;  War in literature, biographies and visual arts;  Postwar fiction;  Utopian and dystopian fiction;  Hero cults, myths and legends;  Poetry of the World Wars;  Confessional poetry;  Military anecdotes and slang;  War metaphors and identity conflicts;  Trauma and migration;  Diplomatic language and discourse;  Military cross-cultural competence;  Power effects of language;  Military strategic communication;  Totalitarian communication and propaganda;  Foreign languages and language policies in the military;  Language skill as a main interoperability tool in NATO;  Military technical vocabulary;  Media coverage of war and terrorism;  Gender, race, age and disability in the military;  Implications of military culture and stereotypes;  Deployment and military families;  Education and (re)adjustment to military/civilian/ veteran life.

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