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From Fundamentals to the Future: Advancing Functionalities of Two‐Dimensional Quantum Materials Taiwanese-German WE-Heraeus-Seminar — From Fund

Tutzing, Germany
Physics Condensed Matter Physics: Clusters, Nanomaterials, Graphene and Fullerenes

Advances and applications in carbon related nanomaterials: From pure to doped structures including heteroatom layers

Benasque , Spain
Physics Condensed Matter Physics: Clusters, Nanomaterials, Graphene and Fullerenes

Onsite-Online 2024 Materials and Nanomaterials International Conference (MNs-24)

ISEL – Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa , Portugal
Chemistry 0

Sustainable Water Management, and Resource Adaptation (SWMRA) Conference

Université Paris Cité, France, France
Chemistry Materials Science, Water Treatment, Water Purification, Nanomaterials, environmental disasters, Water Treatment and Separation, Membrane Technologies, Water Splitting, Hydrogen Production, Electrochemical Materials, Energy Conversion, Membrane Technology, seawater treatment, Water scarcity, water harvesting, Innovative strategies for water, pollution control, Regulations for water use, Urban planning, Energy Planning, Water-Energy Nexus, Water and Energy Management, Water and Energy Management, Waste management, Polymer, plastics



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