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MSF--2020 3rd International Conference on Advanced Nanomaterials and Nanodevices (ICANN 2020)

Shanghai, China
Submission deadline : 25 May 2020
Engineering and Technology; Systems Engineering

the Third International Conference on New Trends in Sustainable Energy with the theme: “from waste to energy”.

Pharos University, Canal El Mahmoudia Street, besi, Egypt
Submission deadline : 01 April 2020
Engineering and Technology; Energy Recovery Systems Tri-generation: Combined Cooling, Heating and Power Systems (CCHP) Producing Energy from Solid Waste Energy Storage Solar Energy Wind and Wave Energy Geothermal Energy Energy Conservation in Buildings Energy and Ecosystems Sustainability in other Engineering Disciplines

2nd International Conference on Operating Systems, Cyber Security, Engineering Technology & Applied Sciences

Istanbul, Turkey
Submission deadline : 09 December 2020
Biology and life sciences; Agriculture

3rd International Conference on Advances Information Systems, Engineering and Applied Sciences

Sydney, Australia
Submission deadline : 11 February 2021
Biology and life sciences; Ecology

CASP 2019 Corrosion and Surface Protection for Steel Symposium Lares Park Hotel Istanbul

Swissotel The Bosphorus Istanbul, Turkey
Submission deadline : 01 June 2020
Engineering and Technology; metals and alloys, metallurgical engineering, chemical metallurgy, metallurgical thermodynamics, metal forming, metallic and organic materials, corrosion, micro and nano corrosion, electrochemistry, electromechanical systems, marine engineering, coatings materials science, nuclear corrosion, metallurgy, electrochemical engineering, mechanical engineering, corrosion and scale inhibition, corrosion by hot gases and combustion, products environment sensitive fracture, corrosion mechanisms, corrosion education, marine corrosion, microbial corrosion, corrosion of steel in concrete, corrosion in oil and gas production, metallic coatings, inorganic coatings, cathodic protection, automotive corrosion, corrosion of polymer materials, corrosion of archaeological and historical artefacts, corrosion reliability of electronics, Istanbul, Turkey, conferences, 2021

IEEE--2021 7th International Conference on Control Science and Systems Engineering (ICCSSE 2021)

Qingdao, China
Submission deadline : 15 February 2021
Computer science; Artificial Intelligence

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