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Applications are invited for a research fellow dedicated to the development of Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing as part of an effort to create digital manufacturing platforms for pharmaceutical processing systems. As part of the ESPRC funded Prosperity Partnership in Accelerated Discovery and Development of New Medicines which brings together the University of Nottingham with the University of Strathclyde and GSK, the project will require the use, development and modification of additive manufacturing systems, processing conditions and materials, as well as the design and manufacture of demonstrator systems. This project roles focuses on the development of functional polymeric materials suitable as feedstock for additive manufacturing techniques and efficacious for use in (bio)reactor systems. Of particular interest is the reduction of fouling within reactor systems and so initial polymer targets will focus on materials that resist fouling and surface attachment. As a route to achieve this, the candidate will synthesise targeted polymeric structures using controlled polymerisation techniques, formulate these into ink mixtures and scale these processes up to 100’s of gram scale required by additive manufacturing processing. The scale-up methods may potentially use flow/microwave assisted processing. 

This post will be hosted within the Centre for Additive Manufacturing, Faculty of Engineering. The Centre has a state of the art laboratory and supports a portfolio of projects ranging from computational design to fabrication at multiple length scales. The successful candidate will sit within an interdisciplinary group that reaches beyond engineering and into multiple other disciplines including Pharmacy, Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences. 

Candidates must hold a good honours degree or equivalent in Engineering or Physical Science, and a PhD in Engineering or Physical Sciences, or be able to demonstrate equivalent experience. The successful candidate will be able to show:

•         Practical experience of synthesis methods relevant to polymer chemistry

•         Knowledge of additive manufacturing and its material needs

•         Understanding of the relationships between surface function and chemical structure

•         Evidence of being able to conduct and communicate research at the highest level.

•         Awareness of the growing importance of 3D Printing to industry.  

•         Experience of presenting work at international conferences and to industry.  

This full-time post is available immediately and will be offered on a fixed-term contract for a period of 24 months. Job share arrangements may be considered. 

Please direct informal enquiries to Prof. Derek Irvine, Please note that applications sent directly to this email address will not be accepted.

Closing Date: 06 Jul 2020
Category: Research and Teaching (R&T)


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