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The School of Veterinary Medicine and Science (SVMS) has built a reputation as world leading in its research achievements. In REF2014 Unit of Assessment 6 (Agriculture, Veterinary and Food Science) SVMS was ranked second nationally for research power, 37% of work was assessed as world-leading and 80% of work was of internationally excellent quality. We are proud to have the top ranked research environment, which was scored as 100% “conducive to world leading research”.  The school has 4 strategic research areas: “Diagnostics and Therapeutics” , “One Virology” , “Ruminant Population and Health” and   “Translational Infection Biology”. The School is part of the Centre for Dairy Science Innovation’ (CDSI) at Nottingham, a £6M investment that provides a globally unique large animal research facility. 

We have developed a novel and cutting edge, research-led teaching curriculum, designed to equip graduates with the diagnostic, medical and surgical skills required to succeed in a changing world and we provide a dynamic environment which delivers an outstanding learning experience. We have the opportunity to build on this success with the appointment of high quality research-orientated staff.

Applications are invited for an Assistant Professor with research interests in areas of “Precision Livestock Technologies”,” Cancer Biology”, “Computational Genomics”, or “Immunobiology”.  Applicants should have a clear vision for their research activity and how this integrates with and complements our current strengths and a track record of innovation and excellence and should provide the following with their application:

Full CV including publications. 500 words - research track record stating the scientific contribution of their research. 500 words - 1-3 year research plan500 words – long term research vision        

This position is available on a permanent basis. Hours of work are full time (36.25 hours). Job share arrangements may be considered.

Informal enquiries may be addressed to “Precision Livestock Technologies”, ” Cancer Biology”, “Computational Genomics”, “Immunobiology . Please note that applications sent directly to these email addresses will not be accepted.

Closing Date: 19 Aug 2020
Category: Research and Teaching (R&T)


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