Description :

We have a great short-term research opportunity, giving you experience of working with our industry and academic partners on a project funded by Innovate UK.

During this fixed term contract  you will be part of our team, where your role will be to work with University of Sussex and three industrial companies including an e-marketplace development company and a blockchain company, to contribute to the development and delivery of the feasibility study of a remanufacturing marketplace- project.  You are expected to deliver a high-quality research project, and will need sufficient, up to date breadth or depth of specialist knowledge in the discipline in one or more of the following areas:

Development of Quality assurance mechanism for the remanufacturing e-marketplaceEvaluation of the feasibility of the remanufacturing e-marketplace; Investigation on the functions of data analytics and data exchange between enterprise resource planning software that are used by remanufacturing companies and the remanufacturing e-marketplace; 

To be successful in this post, you should have a degree preferably in engineering, computer science or business or equivalent experience, and strong numeracy and critical thinking skills to be able to analyse statistical and graphical data.  In addition to which you should bring your excellent written communication skills to be able to communicate complex information or explain findings do a diverse audience.

Informal enquiries contact Dr Yan Wang (

Closing Date: 20 Jun 2021
Category: Administrative/Clerical/Technical

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