Institution: University of Utrecht
Description :

The Social and Affective Computing group at the Utrecht University Department of Information and Computing Sciences is looking for a PhD candidate to conduct research on automated detection and synthesis of facial actions. The group is led by Professor Albert Ali Salah and as a PhD candidate you will work under the daily supervision of Dr Itir Onal Ertugrul. The five-year position includes 70% research time and 30% teaching time. This is an excellent opportunity to develop an academic profile as a competent researcher and teacher.

Within this PhD project you will focus on developing computational methods for facial expression detection and synthesis. The face is a powerful channel of non-verbal communication. Facial actions can convey information about emotion, intention, and mental and physical health. To detect and monitor health conditions, and to investigate human interactions in several applications, reliable and automated systems for facial action detection are crucial. Additionally, synthesizing realistic expressions is useful to generate large and balanced facial expression databases to overcome data scarcity. You are expected to conduct research on realistic facial action synthesis and facial action detection in the wild.

You are involved in teaching activities within the department of Information and Computing Sciences. Teaching activities include supporting senior teaching staff, conducting tutorials, and supervising student projects and theses. These activities will contribute to the development of your didactic skills and work towards a BTQ (Basic Teaching Qualification).

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