Dates : 23 mai 2022 » 27 mai 2021

Lieu : San Sebastian
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Domaine : Physique; 0

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The next joint celebration QENS/WINS will constitute the 14th Edition of the QENS series and the 9th of the WINS workshops. The face-to-face Conference (QENS/WINS2022) will take place in San Sebastian, 23-27 May 2022. QENS focusses on the discussion and exchange of scientific ideas related to the investigation of atomic and molecular motions, while WINS deals with instrumental aspects of quasielastic and inelastic neutron scattering techniques. Though originally QENS and WINS were held in an independent way, the added value of their joint celebration has been put forward since it enhances their scope and impact on the scientific community related with the quasielastic and inelastic neutron scattering techniques. Young scientists involved in neutron scattering investigations can particularly profit from this joint event (and are especially welcome).

Topics: Dynamics of liquids in different environments and under confinement Dynamics of polymers in bulk, blends, gels, membranes, films, composites etc. at different length scales Function/dynamics relation in biological and bio-related systems Role of dynamics in systems of medical relevance Transport mechanisms in energy-related materials Dynamical processes in soft matter, including liquid crystals, self-assembled materials, colloids, etc. Dynamics of novel materials for industrial applications Relaxation phenomena involved in the glass transition Lattice dynamics and Spin dynamics of magnetic systems

QENS/WINS 2022 to be held from 23 mai 2022 to 27 mai 2021 in San Sebastian, Espagne. It covers various areas of Physique including 0. For more information, visit the website of the conference or contact the organizer.
Physique; Sciences de l'ingénieur; Chimie;
Keywords: Neutron Scattering, Energy, Polymers, Transport
Ajouter au calendrier 2022-05-23 2021-05-27 Europe/London QENS/WINS 2022 https://www.sciencedz.net/fr/conference/78745-qens-wins-2022 San Sebastian - Espagne

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