Dates : 25 juin 2023 » 02 juillet 2022

Lieu : Będlewo

Organisateur : Banach Center

Domaine : Mathématiques et Statistiques; Algebra
Mathématiques et Statistiques; Physique; Informatique;
Keywords: Algebra, Combinatorics, Cryptography, Geometry, Group Theory, Mathematics, Topology, Physics
Description :

LOOPS'23 conference will belong to the LOOPS conferences, a series of conferences held every 4 years since 1999. The LOOPS conferences cover all aspects of nonassociative mathematics, including quasigroups, loops, Latin squares, Lie algebras, Jordan algebras, octonions, quandles and their applications. The conference intends not only to highlight new relevant results in algebra and geometry, but also to foster connections to combinatorics, group theory, knot theory, cryptography and physics. The previous LOOPS conferences have been held in Prague, in Trest, Czech Republic, Ohrid, North Macedonia, and Budapest, Hungary.

Topics: quasigroups and loops • quantum Latin squares • applications in cryptography • automated deduction • algebraic structures derived from the Yang-Baxter equation • connections to low-dimensional topology

Banach Center organises its event entitled LOOPS'23 to be held from 25 juin 2023 to 02 juillet 2022 in Będlewo, Pologne. It covers various areas of Mathématiques et Statistiques including Algebra. For more information, visit the website of the conference or contact the organizer.
Ajouter au calendrier 2023-06-25 2022-07-02 Europe/London LOOPS'23 https://www.sciencedz.net/fr/conference/92332-loops-23 Będlewo - Pologne Banach Center

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