DOI to Cites

What is DOI?

DOI stands for "Digital Object Identifier." It is a unique alphanumeric string assigned to digital content such as articles, datasets, books, and other scholarly works to provide persistent and reliable access to them on the internet. A DOI is often used in academic publishing to ensure that the content is easily identifiable, citable, and accessible. DOIs are typically assigned by a registration agency, such as CrossRef, and can be resolved to the content's URL or landing page through a DOI resolver.

What is DOI to Cites?

DOI2Cites (Doi to Cites) is a web page that provides a convenient way to retrieve the Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) of the documents that cite a specific scholarly article. By entering the DOI of an article into DOI2Cites, users can quickly obtain a list of the DOIs associated with the citing documents. This service is invaluable for researchers, academics, and anyone seeking to explore the impact and influence of a particular scholarly work. DOI2Cites streamlines the process of discovering and accessing related research, allowing users to delve deeper into a subject and stay up to date with the latest advancements in their field.

DOI2Cites can be a valuable tool for conducting a forward snowball literature review. In a forward snowball literature review, you start with a specific article that is relevant to your research topic and then explore the articles that have cited it. This approach allows you to identify newer research that has built upon the original article and discover additional relevant sources for your study.

DOI2Cites simplifies the task of identifying citing documents by providing a centralized platform to retrieve the DOIs associated with the citations. Researchers can save time and effort by using DOI2Cites to streamline their forward snowball literature review process, enabling them to stay current with the scholarly discourse in their field and build upon existing knowledge.

How to convert a DOI to BibTex?

To use DOI to BibTeX Converter, simply enter the DOI (or multiple DOIs) of the article or publication into the converter tool. The tool will then retrieve the metadata associated with the DOI and generate a BibTeX citation for you.

How to convert multiple DOIs to BibTex at once?

Using DOI to BibTeX Converter tool, you can conveniently generate a list of references in BibTeX format from a list of DOIs. Simply input the DOIs, with each DOI on a separate line, into the converter tool. The tool will then automatically retrieve the bibliographic metadata associated with each DOI and convert it into the BibTeX citation format. Try the DOI to BibTeX Converter.

How to export or save the generated references in a .bib file?

Once the conversion is complete, you have the option to copy the generated references directly to your clipboard for easy pasting into your Tex Editor. Alternatively, you can also download the list of references in .bib format, which is a common file format used for storing bibliographic data. This file can then be easily imported into reference management software or shared with collaborators.

Using DOI to BibTeX Converter can save you time and effort in manually formatting your references, as it automates the process of retrieving bibliographic information and formatting it in the correct citation style. Additionally, it ensures that your citations are accurate and complete, reducing the risk of errors in your research.

Other bibliographic formats

RIS is another popular bibliographic format, try the DOI to RIS Converter.