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The Department of Earth Sciences at Utrecht University has an opening for a very motivated and high-potential colleague with both research and teaching interests and expertise in (Environmental) Hydrogeology. You should have an appreciation for, and in-depth knowledge of, hydrogeological transport phenomena, and for offering education in this field. On average, the department aims for equal contributions in educational and research activities for its entire tenured academic staff.


You are expected to supervise and train PhD students and to contribute to both BSc and MSc courses in the Utrecht Earth Sciences curriculum. Note that an important teaching responsibility for you as the potential candidate is related to the (existing) MSc course Hydrogeological Transport Phenomena, which is one of the key courses offered by the Environmental Hydrogeology Group (EHG) at Utrecht University.


The department combines research and teaching in Earth Sciences with related science and engineering disciplines. You will ideally conduct research in collaboration with a wide range of groups within and outside the department where a multi-disciplinary approach is encouraged. The current research spectrum of the EHG ranges from rather fundamental research (related to the pore-scale processes concerning dynamic multi-phase fluid flow and reactive solute transport) to applied research questions (including clogging of water supply wells and fast high-volume injection in the subsurface), typically meeting the needs of society. The wide fundamental knowledge of transport in porous media, together with the established integrated experimental and computational laboratory, has enabled EHG to perform cutting-edge research in diverse fields of engineering, geosciences, and biomechanics.


Your research interests may range from fundamental Earth Science research (e.g., modelling and experimental techniques for quantitative analysis of hydrogeological processes at the local and/or (regional) field scale), to applied topics such as geothermal energy, seasonal storage of thermal energy, flow and transport of contaminants, seawater intrusion, drinking water production and artificial recharge.

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