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The University of Hull International Fisheries Institute (HIFI) is a specialist unit that undertakes a wide range of educational, training, consultancy and research work, both within the UK and internationally. The location of the Institute within the University of Hull, and the high level of international experience and consultancy work, enables staff to offer services of an excellent academic standard with a direct application to contemporary fisheries problems. The group has considerable expertise in all aspects of fisheries ecology and management, fish conservation, fish population dynamics, environmental impact assessment, fisheries rehabilitation, stock assessment, restoration and conservation programmes gained from national and international consultancy and research programmes. The unit also has technical expertise in fish telemetry, behaviour and spatial ecology, and an additional PDRA is required to perform research in these areas.

The PDRA will be hard-working and enthusiastic individual with an interest in fish migration and a proven track record in fish telemetry research. Ongoing and future projects in HIFI encompass movement and migration of anadromous, catadromous and river-resident fish in human modified rivers, which a particular focus on fish passage a weirs, pumping stations and low-head hydropower. The role holder will have expert knowledge of PIT, radio and acoustic telemetry equipment and considerable experience of analysing data generated to achieve well-defined study objectives. The role holder will assist in the development of fish telemetry research investigations, install and maintain monitoring equipment, perform specialist data analysis and contribute to the production of scientific reports and manuscripts. 

The role holder will be detail-oriented, dependable, and able to work independently without direct supervision. The role holder will be required to lead and be part of a team of researchers while performing fieldwork. Applicants should have excellent interpersonal communication skills and be reliable when it comes to oral and written communications. Applicants must be capable of interacting in a professional manner with a diverse group of people, including members of other organisations, private landowners and the general public. This job will be challenging, sometimes in inclement weather (extreme temperatures and rainfall), often at remote bankside locations or on small boats. A valid driver’s license is required.

To discuss this role informally, please contact Jon Bolland, T 01482 466429, E 

Closing Date: 10 Aug 2018
Category: Academic

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