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Exciting opportunity to be involved in medical product development in collaboration with world-leaders in prosthodontics. Making removable dentures (false teeth) which fit well and are well tolerated by the patient is technically challenging. The need is global and large. In the UK there are 11 million denture wearers and according to the WHO, 30% of the world’s adults between 64-74 are edentulous (have no natural teeth). The construction of dentures is grounded on materials and technology developed over 100 years ago. The project will involve using plasma coating and additive manufacturing technologies to improve the fit of acrylic based dentures onto gum tissue  and so the fit and adhesion of dentures onto the soft tissues of the mouth. The strategy would be to use a combination of surface chemistry and topography to ensure better adhesion. You will be responsible for producing the plasma coatings and conducting mechanical adhesion tests to verify the effectiveness of the coating.

We welcome applications from people in all diversity groups.

Closing Date: 28 Sep 2018
Category: Research

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