Dates : 28 outubro 2020 » 31 outubro 2019

Place : Heidelberg
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Neuroepigenetics is a young field that is attracting a lot of attention. Genome-wide association studies and mouse models continue to discover new connections between chromatin regulators and neurodevelopmental disorders and epigenetic pathways have been implicated in various physiological and pathological aspects of brain function, such as memory formation and recovery, addiction and neurodegeneration. This conference aims to provide a gathering opportunity for researchers of all levels who are interested in how gene regulation participates in the development and function of the brain, with particular attention to the chromatin-based regulation of gene expression. The key objective is to bring together, in the same meeting, two groups of scientists: neuroscientists with interest in gene regulation and molecular biologists with strong expertise in the mechanisms of transcription and epigenetics that want to apply their knowledge to understanding how the brain works. We believe the two groups can learn a lot from each other and we hope this conference can function as a catalyst for scientific exchange and collaboration between them.

Topics: Chromatin regulation during neurodevelopment, Epigenetics of cell identity in the brain, Transcriptional regulation of neuronal activity and plasticity, Gene regulation and behaviour, Epigenetic engineering and epigenomic mapping, Chromatin in brain disease

Add to calendar 2020-10-28 2019-10-31 Europe/London EMBO Workshop: Neuroepigenetics: From Cells to Behaviour and Disease Heidelberg - Alemanha

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