Dates : 14 dezembro 2020 » 16 dezembro 2019

Place : Hyderabad
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Organizer : Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

Topic : Ciências da Engenharia; Civil Engineering and Construction

Description :

Civil infrastructures define the historical, economic and development status of a country. Civil infrastructure includes but not limited to heritage structures, residential buildings, office/ factory/ commercial buildings, lifelines such as roads, rail, and hospitals. Structures when exposed to harsh environmental conditions lose their aesthetics as well as strength. New structures constructed using reinforced concrete or fully steel can also have a number of performance issues. Large numbers of relatively new structure collapse every year even under service loads. Condition assessment of structures when exposed to natural events such as earthquakes, extreme winds, cyclones, tsunami is also not straightforward. Thus, the condition assessment and strengthening of civil infrastructure is a complex and inter-disciplinary field. Considering the socio-economic aspects related to the proper maintenance of civil infrastructure, the condition of structures need to be periodically assessed. To improve the performance, the structures need to rehabilitated or retrofitted after proper assessment. Otherwise, the potential losses can be very significant and cannot be accurately quantified. Advancements in construction technology and materials has made the condition assessment and strengthening process easier. To fill the knowledge gap in this highly interdisciplinary area, regular conduct of workshops/conferences is required. International conference on Condition Assessment Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures “CARRS-2020” aims to achieve this objective. CARRS-2020 provides a platform for the research community, practicing engineers, contractors, academicians and government agencies to jointly discuss various aspects of rehabilitation and retrofitting.

Topics: Structural Condition Assessment and Health Monitoring, Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures, Strengthening using FRP Composites, Innovative Repair Materials and Strengthening Techniques, Deterioration science and durability aspects, Condition assessment of heritage and conventional structures, Non-destructive techniques, Health monitoring of structures, Periodic evaluation of repaired structures, Structural rehabilitation and retrofitting, Repair of fire damaged structures, Retrofitting of structures for dynamic and seismic loads, Case Studies and practical applications, Strengthening of RC structures using FRP composites, Strengthening of structural steel members using FRP composites, Prestressed CFRP strengthening, Fabric reinforced cementitious matrix (FRCM), Role of anchorages in strengthening systems, Special materials and technology, Repair materials and performance

Add to calendar 2020-12-14 2019-12-16 Europe/London CARRS 2020 — Condition Assessment and Retrofitting & Rehabiltiation of Structures Hyderabad - Índia Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

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