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Popular locations in this country : Marrakech 6 Casablanca 2 Agadir 1 Marrakech, Marrakech-Safi 1 Errachidia 1 Ifrane 1 Marrakesh 1 Kenitra 1 Marrakesh 1 Cadi Ayyad University and Sciences Faculty Semlali 1

Biocontrol Africa

Marrakech, Marrakech-Safi, Marrocos
Biologia e ciências da vida; Agriculture

International Conference on Social Science, Arts, Business and Education

casablanca, Marrocos
Prazo para inscrição : 25 Março 2020
Economia; Business

The 4th International Workshop on Machine Learning for Big Data and Internet of Things (MLBD-IoT 2020)

Errachidia, Marrocos
Prazo para inscrição : 01 Outubro 2019
Ciências da Engenharia; Nanotechnology and Smart Materials

Artificial Intelligence : Advanced Topics and Social Issues

Marrakech, Marrocos
Prazo para inscrição : 23 Fevereiro 2020
Ciências da Engenharia; intelligence,artificielle,Artificial,tutorials,workshops,

The Fifth International Symposium on Dielectric Materials and Applications ISyDMA’5

Cadi Ayyad University and Sciences Faculty Semlali, Marrocos
Prazo para inscrição : 10 Fevereiro 2020
Ciências da Engenharia; Dielectric properties, polarization phenomena and applications. – Physics of space charge in non-conductive materials. – Polymers, composites, ceramics, glasses. – Biodielectrics. – Nanodielectrics, metamaterials, piezoelectric, pyroelectric and ferroelectric materials. – Dielectrics for superconducting applications. – Industrial and biomedical applications. – Dielectric materials for electronics and photonics. – New diagnostic applications for dielectrics. – New and functional dielectrics for electrical systems. – Electrical conduction and breakdown in dielectrics. – Surface and interfacial phenomena. – Electrical insulation in high voltage power equipment and cables. – Ageing, partial discharges and life expectancy of HV insulation. – Space charge and its effects in dielectrics. Gaseous electrical breakdown and discharges. – High voltage insulation design using computer; based analysis. – Partial discharges in insulation : detection methods and impact on ageing. – Monitoring and diagnostic methods for electrical insulation degradation. – Measurement techniques. – Modeling and theory. – Other related applications…

AES 2020, the 8th International Conference on Antennas and Electromagnetic Systems

Marrakesh, Marrocos
Prazo para inscrição : 10 Fevereiro 2020
Ciências da Engenharia; 0

ECIS — European Conference on Information Systems

Marrakech, Marrocos
Informática; Multidisciplinary or General Events in Informatics

IEEE ICECOCS'20 — The 2nd IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Control, Optimization and Computer Science

Kenitra, Marrocos
Informática; Multidisciplinary or General Events in Informatics

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