A hidden feature in the iPhone that may save a life one day.. discover it

A hidden feature in the iPhone that may save a life one day.. discover it

The mobile phone has made it easier for many people to call for help during emergency situations such as a house fire, theft and other sudden situations that any of us may be exposed to, so that the matter is remedied with the least possible losses, and as soon as possible!.

However, Apple introduced a new feature in the iPhone 14 that may save a life one day, even if you do not have a regular phone signal or coverage.

This feature is called “Emergency SOS” and works via satellite, according to the British newspaper, “The Sun”.

Way to train

But it appears that Apple is now working on a way for users to practice using it safely before they really need to rely on it.

It is expected that the iOS 16.1 update, which allows the use of this feature, will arrive in the coming weeks, as it is currently being tested by application makers.

While “Apple” indicated that it is expected that the satellite features of the “iPhone 14” will be launched next November.
The new update includes a special satellite connection display feature.

What is SOS Emergency Satellite Service?
The emergency SOS service via satellite was one of Apple’s main features on the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

The company also indicated that the Emergency SOS via satellite can help users contact emergency services under exceptional circumstances when other means to reach emergency services are not available.

Satellite communication tips

In addition, “Apple” provided a number of tips on using this feature in the event that a person is in a place where there is no coverage.

The first step is to hold your phone naturally in your hand. You do not need to lift your arm or lift your phone, but do not put it in a pocket or backpack.

Then you must make sure that you are outside with a clear view of the sky and horizon.

And if you need to turn left or right or move to avoid a prohibited signal, your iPhone provides instructions, and just follow the onscreen instructions.

Also, the satellite connection can be maintained even if your phone screen is locked.


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