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10th Latin American Workshop on Cliques in Graphs

Curitiba, Brazil
Mathematics and Statistics; Graph Theory and Combinatorics

PAUL85 — Geometry & Topology - Celebrating Paul Schweitzer's 85th birthday

Niterói - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Mathematics and Statistics; Geometry and Topology


Algebra; Analysis; Applied Mathematics; Arithmetic; Artificial Intelligence; Calculus; Combinatorics; Complex Networks; Computational Mathematics; Control and Automation; Cryptography; Differential Equations; Dynamic Systems; Game Theory; Geometry; Graph Theory; Group Theory ; Image Processing; Information Security; Integration; Linear Algebra; Logic; Machine Learning; Machine Vision; Mathematics; Modeling and Simulation; Neural Networks; Number Theory; Numerical Analysis; Operational research; Optimal control; Optimisation; Pattern Recognition; Probability; Statistics; Topology;

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